Joyful Inspirations Card Deck

Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo, and Spiritual Healer Frances Munro, announce that the “Joyful Inspirations” card deck and booklet, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. is now available for purchase.

Joyful Inspirations Card Deck

Joyful Inspirations” is a 45-card gift deck with a 52-page inspirational booklet. It is published by U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS, INC. of Stamford, Connecticut.  The artwork is by Judy Mastrangelo.  Frances Munro, a world-renowned spiritual healer, provided the wisdom to channel the direction and accompanying affirmation for each painting.  Each card carries its own message in the guidebook that accompanies the deck, as well as an exercise, a prayer or an affirmation for you to do.

This card deck is intended to appeal to all ages – from Children to Adults, for the Young and “The Young At Heart”.

Featuring the dreamy artwork of Judy Mastrangelo, Joyful Inspirations cards invite you to join the caravan of flower fairies, dancing unicorns, friendly bunnies and a host of other joyful creatures who delight in spreading sunshine and rainbows.  Enjoy cricket concerts, carousels, and garden parties in this magical world of the imagination. Each card carries its own message in the guidebook that accompanies the deck.

You can also purchase direct from US Games.

Frances Munro’s websites are: and



5.0 out of 5 stars: “I just received my Joyful Inspirations card deck, and I love it. It’s a deck of beautiful art cards with happy inspirational quotes. The cards are quite a bit larger than playing cards, and they’re nicely made. The beautiful art work is by artist/illustrator Judy Mastrangelo. The deck comes with a lovely little booklet of inspriations by Frances Munro. The booklet features a lovely cover illustration by Judy Mastrangelo. Inside are images of each of the 45 cards with inspirational writings to go with them. You just shuffle the deck and ask for help, and select a card, then refer to the page for that card and read the inspiring words that go with it. It makes a lovely gift. Most of the illustrations of of fairy folk, but there are also angels, cute little animals, or children.” January 14 2018


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