Joyful Inspirations Card Deck

Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo, and Spiritual Healer Frances Munro, announce that the “Joyful Inspirations” card deck and booklet, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. is now available for purchase.
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An Interview with Judy Mastrangelo

“Dive into the world of fairies and more with Judy Mastrangelo. She chats with Arwen Lynch about what drives her to create her beautiful art. Learn how she uses “Mind Painting” to move further into her pieces as part of her creative process.” 

Inspirational Wisdom From Angels & Fairies

I’m happy to announce that our new Inspirational Card Deck is available now, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. It is entitled “Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies”. My friend Frances Munro, a world renowned spiritual healer, provided the wisdom to channel the direction and accompanying words for each painting. Each card carries its own message in the Guidebook which accompanies the deck. You will also be pleased to hear that we are working together again on a second Inspirational deck for U.S. Games Systems, inc.
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Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo Breaks Into New Markets With Her Artwork

Author and Artist Judy Mastrangelo has broken into new markets with her popular artwork as Magic Murals, Heaven and Earth Designs, and Night Light Designs, sign up to launch her work in new arenas reports Press Release agency prlog.

Front Page Nursery BannerIt was announced earlier this week that artist and author Judy Mastrangelo would be moving her art into several new and exciting projects.  These new products will be developed from her artwork which is in her new Poetry Ebooks which have just been published on Kindle.These three new poetry books are entitled: “TIME FOR BED RYHMES”, “ROCK~A~BYE RHYMES”, and  “POEMS FROM TOY LAND”.  The artwork for these first two books have been done in Judy’s “watercolor” style on paper.  In them, she has endeavored to have it resemble art in an old fashioned story book, and has done a lot of research to find out costumes that children would wear at the turn of the century, so that it would be in keeping with that era. Her third book has been done her acrylic on canvas style that most people are used to.  You can learn more about these three books here: MURALS announced earlier this week that Judy’s new line of wall murals is now available for purchase. You can learn more about her POETRY and NURSERY RANGE at:

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