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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2022

“This is a wonderful fairy tale like ones of old. It brings you to the magical places in your dreams. Innocent and precious with the most beautiful illustrations I fell in love with. This is destined to be a children’s classic in my opinion. I will treasure it. Yes, I am keeping it for me and I am 72 years old. I will read it to the children in my life. It is a pure delight and pure sweetness. I just love it so much!”

Messages from my fans

Sue Miller:
OH I pray your beautiful Angel protects all our beautiful wildlife. Gorgeous painting. One of my favorites now. Your paintings bring so much happiness to the world. Amazing colors. I love your work. ❤️

Walter Wood III:
Total perfection in every way… dreamy!

Aditi Kumari Rathore who lives in India:
Beautiful, magical paintings as always dear Judy. Wishing you all the very best for all your books.

Sotiria Dourou who lives in Greece:
What is fairly obvious to me, is how much spiritual work is behind your artwork. It must take you a significant part of your time to get prepared, in order to work with what you’re about to depict. After all, the beings you depict lend you inspiration and breathe life in what you do. And yet they remain humbly hidden, even though they are there, for all to see. Lovely paradox.

Oniyah Rose who lives in Hawaii:
Your paintings always transport me to the land of magic.

From Nita Luamanu. Who lives in New Zealand:
I love how you do painting’s of Fairies, make’s me feel like a kid again, when I know I’m an adult!, Thank you for making me believe in this magic world, were I can just be me!, and be lost in my own world, and of course be a little girl again, and don’t have the worries and stress that this crazy world we live in has. To believe that magic, and that all your dreams and wishes come true! Thank you! Keep up the Fantastic work you do!

From Christine VonLossberg:
Judy’s art brings out the pure child within.  The inner being who has so much joy and wonderment. She talks to us with her paintings. She is a  Fairy Goddess Mother who knows what we love to make us feel like children or see the divine in ourselves through her visions. I can’t get enough of her beautiful work. As an artist myself, I am so inspired by her and love her mind and want to kiss her fingers!  Love Judy!!!  Thank you so much for creating so much magic for the world!!

From Simon G. Drivdal, about Judy’s painting ROMEO AND JULIET.
I love the attention to detail you have for both outfit and scenery. It shows that you care for your work. Also the connection between the characters is wonderful.

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