Latest Interview with Judy Mastrangelo

An exclusive interview with one of the most prestigious children’s book authors of 2017. Meet Judy Mastrangelo!

Judy, it’s great to have you here. Thank you for agreeing to this sit down interview with me. It’s my pleasure. Thank you for doing this.

Why do you think people are still so interested in children’s books? What do you think it is about the mixture of words and images that excite people still? I suppose it harkens back to our experiences when we were young and the wonderful feelings we had entering into the Magical Land of Books. It is similar to watching a movie that we love. And yet reading a book is different in that we can add our own personal images and feelings to it in addition to the accompanying illustrations in a book or film.

Entering into the exciting world of literature is a wonderful escape from our everyday world. It gives us the opportunity to experience many adventures, and to identify with various characters, which we wouldn’t normally have to opportunity to do. This art form is very fulfilling, as is all art in general.

What were your favorite books as a child? Did these favorites impact the way you created your own? The earliest books I remember reading were A. A. Milne’s poetry book, “When We Were Very Young,” and Frank L. Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” and the others in his series of Oz books.

A. A. Milne was the author of the Winnie the Pooh books. The lovely and simple line drawings in this poetry book fascinated me. As I dreamed on his lovely book, I was able to imagine all sorts of things. The poems were very sweet and captivating. And when I read several of Baum’s “Oz” books, I was immediately drawn into his delightfully imaginative world. Both of these books, and others like them, had a deep and lasting influence on my books that I was later to create.

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