Dream a vision of the Joy you have always wanted. Through this 59-card deck, learn the author’s technique of “Mind Painting” to create an ideal picture in your mind of the way you would like things to be. Although we have aspirations throughout our life of doing wonderful things and becoming an amazing person, sometimes those dreams go unfulfilled, affecting our health—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let the guidebook’s card descriptions and interactive activities, including dream meditations, affirmations, dance and pantomime exercises, automatic drawing experiments, and color correlations, provide the inspiration to help you seek answers inside your soul. Let the colorful, whimsical, “inner childhood” images of these cards empower you to feel the great joy and love in the universe, even through the darkness that may surround us. It’s never too late to continue building your ideal dream!

The was released on 7 Feb. , published by Red Feather Mind Body Spirit:


Reviews for this new deck on Amazon etc.would be greatly appreciated.

Judy was interviewed about her new DREAM YOUR JOY Oracle Card Deck by Robert Sharpe on his Blog Talk Radio show “Bringing Inspiration to Earth” (BITE) on Tuesday Feb 7th at 2pm EST.

Below is the link to the show page.


It is available in the Archives at the same link above, plus the show is distributed to ApplePodcasts, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Audible & Spotify.

Read Colleen Chesebro’s interview with Judy


Colleen M. Chesebro’s website: colleenmchesebro.com


Bonnie Cehovet (www.bonniecehovet-author.com)



5.0 out of 5 stars A Gentle, Beautiful Tool Of Empowerment

Dream Your Joy Oracle Cards are comprised of a 59-card deck and a 128-page instruction book. They come in a sturdy cardboard box in the shape of a book. The author’s bio is listed inside the box cover.

The cards are 3 1/2 “ by 5”, made of a sturdy, glossy stock with no borders. The imagery is very gentle and done largely in pastels. The cards are very easy to handle.

In her introduction, Mastrangelo describes herself as an artistic painter of pictures and an author who chooses to look for the positive in life. She notes that this deck has many intentions, including sharing her artwork and sharing suggestions on how to bring happiness into your life by dreaming joy into your unconscious, then manifesting it into your life.

She urges everyone to look deeply within themselves to discover their innate talents that they can develop.

The purpose of this deck is to empower those that read it to feel the great joy and love that can be found in the universe.

In this deck, Mastrangelo is continuing to develop her own technique called Mind Painting (one that she introduced in her first deck – Inspirational Visions). It is used to paint a picture in the mind of the user of what their perfect life would be like.

In these cards, Mastrangelo is sharing her own visions through the use of colors and symbols. She advises the reader to allow themselves to experience the joy to dream their life.

The technique suggested to be used with these cards is to spread them over the table and pass your hands over them. Then place them face down on the table. By touching the cards, the readers intuition will tell them which cards are meant for their reading.

The cards are presented in a two-page spread – the left-hand page shows a full-color image of the card, while the right-hand side shows the name of the card, its purpose, and an exercise to place the card’s energy in the life of the person being read for. These are powerful exercises, making use of tools such as relaxing exercises, daydreams, meditation, affirmations, and more.

Examples of the cards include Lady of Stars (Our guiding light), Winter Delight (There is warmth even in the icy cold), Water Lily Pond (Never stop dreaming), Toy Box (Always keep your childhood memories safe within your heart), Thoughtfulness (Keep your mind and abilities going strong), and Rain (Liquid abundance).

This deck is a wonderful tool of empowerment that can be used by all ages. It can be used to do readings, to connect with your intuition, for personal growth, to connect with children/grandchildren, and more. I highly recommend it.

One note: the type in the book is very small and hard to read. Perhaps this will be a benefit, as it will cause readers to slow down and pay attention to what they are reading.

“WRITING TO BE READ” by Kaye Lynne Booth

Review: “Dream Your Joy” Oracle Cards


P. S. Winn


5.0 out of 5 stars

Beautiful and well put together

Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2023

“This is an amazing collection that has Oracle Cards enclosed in a book shaped holder. The illustrations are wonderful. Although I don’t know much about oracle cards, this collection is amazing to have around. One thing I have problems with is relaxing, these cards, and beautifully done illustrations can help with that. The illustrator and the company who put this set together, did an amazing job. I will be definitely be keeping my set handy, and also make the time to share with family and friends. I have read several books by this author, and am impressed, not only with her artistic skills with painting, but the beautiful things she has to share in writing.”

Please stop by and listen to Author and Talk Show Host Marla Brooks, when she interviews Judy about her “DREAM YOUR JOY ORACLE CARD DECK” at this link:


It’s an archived interview on YouTube that you can listen to at any time.

Please check out the beautiful video about Judy’s new Oracle Card Deck “DREAM YOUR JOY”.  Here’s a link on YouTube to see it: https://youtu.be/c-7CS9GSiVU 

This video was created by Crystal Miles Gauthier of C & J Promotions


Judy’s Oracle Card Deck was chosen to be featured in this month’s blog by the publisher Red Feather Mind Body Spirit.  

She has written the blog herself.  

Please check it out: https://redfeathermbs.com/blogs/redfeather/dream-your-joy-oracle-cards

After March, this blog will be archived and you can still read it at any time.

Here is a wonderful YouTube video review of Judy’s Oracle Card Deck DREAM YOUR JOY from “Lala Tarot”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cTet1pVOCM&t=52s

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