A Brand New Release: “Secrets of the Fairies” Written And Illustrated By Judy Mastrangelo

Judy Mastrangelo has both written, illustrated, and designed a delightful series of four books about elves and fairies.  This series is entitled:


Here are the titles of each of the individual books:





These four books have had a large success as Kindle Ebooks.

Now, by popular demand, they are being published in paperback by Imagination Books:


Be sure and collect the entire four book set.

The second of these books is her “SECRETS OF THE FAIRIES.”

Judy Mastrangelo is a world-renowned artist and author, especially known for her depictions of the Fairy Realm.  Her paintings follow in the fine art tradition of the artists of the Golden Age of Illustration.  This “SECRETS OF THE FAIRIES” book whispers about the secret hidden world of elves and fairies that she imagines to exist.


Press Release

DSP Launches A Brand New Venture With Top American Artist Judy Mastrangelo

It was announced early December that leading Western publishing company Dusty Saddle Publishing would be releasing the first in its line of “Come Play With Me” activity books through their Imagination Books imprint. These new, high quality illustrated books include paintings, poems and imaginative characters. The books in the range have all been designed and created by leading American artist Judy Mastrangelo.

“The idea of combining great art with a voracious public desire for activity books makes this new product line incredibly important to the company,” Chairman Bruce Bennett explained earlier last week. “We are very sure that this range will become extremely successful.”

The first book in the series “THE STAR” was released at the beginning of December. It is illustrated with beautiful, colorful, and whimsical paintings by world renowned artist Judy Mastrangelo. It contains the entire immortal poem, which is also known as “TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR,” written by Jane Taylor.  This book also contains several fun filled interactive bonus pages with things to create, such as: Coloring pages, Crafts and a Recipe to make, and “How To Draw Pages”.

Through her lovely paintings, Judy has interpreted this famous poem in a unique and enthralling way, with delightful fantasy animals and other imaginative characters, all playing in a magical night-time sky.

“THE STAR” is certainly beautifully put together, handsomely designed and delicious in every way. This book will make a fine addition to the collections of those who love great artwork.

You can learn more about Judy Mastrangelo and “The Star” by contacting Dusty Saddle Publishing directly via their website https://judymastrangelo.com/books-2/imagination-books/the…. You can order your copy of “THE STAR” from Amazon by clicking here (https://www.amazon.com/Star-Come-Play-Fun-Book/dp/1731020…).

Press Release

New Coloring Book Range For Imagination Books, And A New Creative Direction For ONCO

Imagination Books, a division of the ONCO publishing group, has launched a brand new initiative designed to bring two fantastic new product lines in front of the reading public. The “Joyful Art Coloring” range will be a selection of high quality greyscale coloring books, and the “Come Play With Me” range will be a series of story books with some delightful bonus features.

The first coloring book in the new “Joyful Art Coloring” range from artist Judy Mastrangelo, Fantastic Creatures to Color, has already been released and can be ordered from Amazon.com, or from Imagination directly.

The “Come Play With Me” range is designed to give young readers high quality illustrated storybooks in full color. There are several enhanced features which make these books as interactive for readers as possible. These books include fun filled activities, such as “How to Draw” pages, stickers, coloring pages and recipes.

“We have high hopes for these new ranges,” ONCO Vice-President Bruce Bennett explained last week. “Our hopes are for a series of books that will bring something new to the table for those who enjoy story books and those who enjoy greyscale coloring books. We want people to get the very best from these books. These are not only for kids—but for adults too.”

Artist and author Judy Mastrangelo hails from a Fine Art background, which makes her artwork stand out in the world of contemporary illustrated books. “Publishing my books is a wonderful opportunity to expose young people to Fine Art illustration,” she explained last week. “I have been told that my work follows in the footsteps of artists from the “GOLDEN AGE OF ILLUSTRATION”, such as Beatrix Potter, Maxfield Parrish, Jessie Wilcox Smith, etc.”

Dusty Saddle Publishing, a division of ONCO, has already proven itself a market leader in the Western genre with top selling titles from Cherokee Parks, Robert Hanlon, Mark Baugher, M. Allen among many others. Their successful “Six Bullets to Sundown” series spawned ten volumes with strong sales and market reception.

You can learn more about these new books, Imagination Books and Judy Mastrangelo by emailing their press office at oncopublishing@gmail.com or by visiting their website at www.dspublishingnetwork.com. You can also order copies of the first coloring book in the series “Fantastic Creatures to Color” by visiting Amazon or by emailing oncopublishing@gmail.com. Copies of the “Fantastic Creatures to Color” can also be requested in MOBI format.

View the Imagination Books by clicking here.

Press Release

Brand New Inspirational Card Deck From Judy Mastrangelo And Frances Munro Available Now

Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo, and Spiritual Healer Frances Munro, announce a new “Joyful Inspirations” card deck and booklet, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. It is already available for purchase from Amazon and U.S. Games.

“Joyful Inspirations” is a 45-card gift deck with a 52-page inspirational booklet. It is published by U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS, INC. of Stamford, Connecticut.  The artwork is by Judy Mastrangelo.  Frances Munro, a world-renowned spiritual healer, provided the wisdom to channel the direction and accompanying affirmation for each painting.  Each card carries its own message in the guidebook that accompanies the deck, as well as an exercise, a prayer or an affirmation for you to do.

This card deck is intended to appeal to all ages – from Children to Adults, for the Young and “The Young At Heart.”

Featuring the dreamy artwork of Judy Mastrangelo, Joyful Inspirations cards invite you to join the caravan of flower fairies, dancing unicorns, friendly bunnies and a host of other joyful creatures who delight in spreading sunshine and rainbows.  Enjoy cricket concerts, carousels, and garden parties in this magical world of the imagination. Each card carries its own message in the guidebook that accompanies the deck.

About Judy Mastrangelo: Judy Mastrangelo is a world-renowned artist. She is known mostly for her fairy and fantasy art, and she also excels in the painting of many other themes, such as children, animals, landscapes, florals, etc.

Her work is licensed in several markets worldwide, including puzzles, wall murals, books, and art prints.  Judy daydreams about her paintings before she puts them on canvas. This preliminary technique of “Mind Painting” helps her develop imaginative works of art.




Follow her on Twitter: @ArtbyJudyMaster; Facebook and LinkedIn

About Frances Munro: After training as a spiritual healer in 1997, Frances found an ability to channel information. Over recent years, she has worked in the UK, USA, Sweden and Norway, providing development courses, past life regression and blockage release, retreats, and her own set of channeled Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards published by U.S. Games, Inc. Her down-to-earth teaching illustrates the need to use spiritual wisdom for every area of life.




Follow her on Twitter: @FrancesBelper; Facebook and LinkedIn

This Is Judy and Frances’s second Inspirational Card Deck published by U.S. Games.  The first one on which they collaborated was entitled “INSPIRATIONAL WISDOM FROM ANGELS & FAIRIES.”

This new “JOYFUL INSPIRATIONS” deck is available for purchase now in the United States and will be available in the United Kingdom and worldwide after September 1st. You can find out more here (https://judymastrangelo.com/portfolio/shop/).

Press Release

Exclusive Publishing Contract For Bestselling Author And Artist Judy Mastrangelo

Talented author and artist signs an exclusive contract that will see her back catalogue and new releases on sale through Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.Feb. 21, 2017PRLog — It was announced earlier this week that Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing, had agreed an exclusive contract with author and artist Judy Mastrangelo. This new contract will see her back catalogue, her audio books, and upcoming projects distributed through the company and will make her the latest addition to the Dusty Saddle Publishing family.

The conglomerate is already flourishing with new hits from perennials like Robert Hanlon, Bruce G. Bennett, Alex Cord and Cliff Roberts, which have turned the company into the highest performing Western publishing house of 2017.

Six new Judy Mastrangelo releases are in the works and could hit the market throughout the year. These would include a mix of children’s books, activity books, art books and audiobooks.

Judy Mastrangelo has also agreed to become a regular contributor to “Westerner” magazine—the Dusty Saddle Publishing quarterly publication. The first issue has moved over 11,000 copies. You can download your free copy here (http://westernermagazine.pagedemo.co/).

Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing, also recently announced a video game project that could hit the market in 2017. This move would revolutionize the book industry.

You can learn more about Imagination Books, Dusty Saddle Publishing and Judy Mastrangelo by emailing their press office at Nick@nickwale.org. You can also learn more about Judy Mastrangelo by visiting her website at http://www.judymastrangelo.com.