Judy has participated in many different interviews. Here are some sample Q&A’s from selected interviews as well as the link where you can read more.

28 Jan 2015 – Read the entire interview at

Fantasy World Reads

What is your writing schedule? Do you jump out of bed with coffee in hand or are you an afternoon writer? What conditions do you like to write under? I enjoy a relaxed atmosphere to write in. My schedule is not planned. I write when the spirit moves me. Since I am also a painter, and my writing goes hand in hand with my art work, my text is often influenced by the images I depict on canvas and paper.

How do you start to write a book? What is the first step? I daydream about my ideas. Then I write things down in a sort of “Stream of Consciousness” state. I then refine these so that they will be understandable to others. If I try to “force” ideas, they don’t come out well. I feel that writing, as well as painting, are enjoyable outlets for me. If I feel inspired and gratified in this process of creation, I am hopeful that others will also enjoy the fruits that develop from my efforts.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? I go over my books quite a few times, looking for mistakes. Often I see quite a few of them. I am always looking for perfection. But I never seem to achieve that aim. And so that is the most difficult part of creating my books.


14 Jan 2015 – Read the entire interview at

Author Interviews website.

When it comes to writing a book about your own past—what do you really want to tell the reader? I’ve lived my life, enjoying the simple, yet beautiful things. My past was not a perfect “bed of roses”, but I can’t complain about any adversities I’ve had, since I’ve tried my best to overcome them. I’ve worked hard at my Art, but since I love it so much, the process of creation has always been a great pleasure for me. It’s never been a drudgery.

Are you looking to entertain, or educate? I look to both entertain and educate. I feel that these two goals go hand in hand, and are very much related to one another. The very term education may seem somewhat stuffy to some. But in fact it can be extremely exciting and delightful, therefore opening up thrilling new horizons.

What did you learn from writing your book? I’ve learned that I really enjoy writing, and that people seem to appreciate the end result of my endeavors. I’ve always been a painter, and think of the art of writing, as an opportunity to “paint with words”. I truly have a delightful time creating an illustrated story with both of these visual and written art forms.

Do you think people can identify with you? Yes I think they can, since I’ve experienced many things that a normal person has. I also enjoy “Wishing and Dreaming” for things out of the ordinary, even things which may seem unreachable and unattainable. I think many people have secret wishes and desires also. And so they can identify with this.


4 Dec 2014 – Read the entire interview at

Media Interviews website.

What methods do you use to organize your time? I try to take each day at a time. I organize time around my obligations for that day, by making a mental list of things to do. I try not to stress over not being able to achieve everything in my daily time allotted. I just do my best to get everything done that I wish to do. I consider each day a gift and an adventure. I try to have a schedule for what I’d like to do, but if I don’t get everything done, I know I’ll be able to do it in good time. Sometimes surprising things happen that weren’t planned, which are interesting in themselves. Serendipity.

Can you detail some important goals you have achieved? I’ve completed a large body of paintings, which, I understand, are appreciated by many worldwide. I’ve also had my artwork licensed in several fields, in different markets, such as wall murals, books, puzzles, greeting cards, etc. I’ve been fortunate to have a kind and loving husband, so a wonderful goal that I’ve achieved is a very happy marriage, where we support each other’s dreams.

What are your short-range and long-range goals, and how do you expect to achieve them? I look forward to more recognition along the lines of licensing my works. There are several books directed towards all age groups, which are in the planning stages now. I am working with some very talented people who are helping to “brand” my work, and hopefully, my long range goal will be achieved through this process. Being an individual artist, I do need professional assistance in promoting my work. I’m now working with a wonderful team who are making my dreams possible.

Describe yourself in one word. Why that word? INSPIRING. I like to try to inspire other with the medium of my art.


1 Dec 2014 – Read the entire interview at

Author Bruce Bennett’s website.

My Favorite Books Are: Art books of Great Painters
My Favorite Album is: Opera: Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss with Elizabeth Schwarzkopf
My Favorite Author is: Shakespeare
My Favorite Name is: Michael
My Favorite Sweater is: A soft warm Lavender colored one.
My Favorite Character in my new book is: “Twinkle the Star”


15 Oct 2014 – Read the entire interview at

Novel Ideas Book Promotion website.

What themes would say are prevalent in all your art work? In the past few years, my work tends to have mostly Fairy and other Fantasy themes.  I also love to paint Animals, Flowers, and Landscapes.    I tend to add these to my Fantasy art in order to enhance it and make it more interesting.

Why does Fantasy art appeal to you? What is it about this kind of art that excites you? I find that it triggers my imagination, my love for Fairy Tales, and the love for things beyond our mundane and everyday world.  When I look at my environment, I can’t help thinking that there is something “beyond all this.”  To me, even an object as ordinary as a flower seems to be “other worldly.”  Observing it might make me daydream of other spiritual beings, whose unseen presence inhabit this lovely creation. That’s why I enjoy personifying Nature in my artwork, and filling my canvases with other worldly beings, such as Fairies, Elves, Gods, Goddesses, Dryads, Nomads, Wizards, Dragons and the like.  It harkens back to bringing out the imagination that is still in me from my childhood.  I know I will always have Fantasy in my heart and mind, and it gives me feelings of youth and happiness.  I hope to impart these same feelings to others through my art.

How do you begin a piece of work? Do you start with outlines? Backgrounds? I’ve developed a method which I call “Mind Painting.”  For this, I tend to daydream about what my painting will be like as a finished piece.  I don’t do preliminary small sketches. I first do outline drawings onto tracing paper of any figures which will be in the painting.  I make them the actual size that they will be in the finished painting.  I try to make as many corrections that I can on this paper.  I then cut out the figures from the paper and tape them onto my canvas, wherever I think they should go.  Then, when I’m sure I have the figures in their correct places, I transfer them, with graphite paper, onto a prepared stretched canvas. After I paint on these figures a bit, I start indicating the background of the painting with paint.

What’s the most important ‘rule’ to remember when you are creating a work of art? I feel that I have to really LOVE the painting that I’m working on.  That way, I will create a piece that hopefully will turn out well.  I find that I paint best the “visions” that I enjoy the most.

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