Portal to the Land of Fae – Box Set

Now available – all four books in one box set.

 PortalBoxSetThe complete set of Fairy books is now available on Amazon in one kindle box set.

Containing all four of Judy Mastrangelo’s books that make up the Portal to the Land of Fae series. They contain descriptions of the fantastic Beings inhabiting this World, who have inspired and uplifted mankind throughout the ages. Her lovely vivid, and detailed paintings within these four volumes, depict the Beautiful Fairy Realm.

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Mystical Fairies Flower Fairies Secrets of the Fairies Fairy Tale Fairies


“Do you love fairies? Then you are in the right place. You will never have seen as many creatures of the land of Fae as in this series. The illustrations are, of course, outstanding. Use a tablet for enjoying these pictures where you can enlarge with two fingers. You will want to zoom into all the little details. Only in that way, you will fully appreciate the quality of work, painstakingly created during many hours no doubt. I have written and produced a picture book series, so I know what is involved. The art in this series of books is a work of love. Nobody could pay for that kind of quality. The price would simply prohibitive. So, here you have the chance to enjoy outstanding work by Judy Mastrangelo. Please enjoy, just like I did. And spend time with each picture!!”

“One of the most enjoyable sets of Kindle books I have read. Loved the beautiful illustrations….pure delight. These are my “cheer-up books.” I find that if I am feeling sad they put a smile on my face. I also always discover something new when I read them. I think they are just adorable and my grandchildren love them too. You will not be disappointed by this set.”

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