A Night At The Movies With Artist Judy Mastrangelo: Take 6

Here is a sample from Judy’s latest interview:


ju-254x300This wonderful new interview series with Judy Mastrangelo is all about the movies. This is a seven part series… Let’s delve in!

Films have always inspired my life and my art, ever since I was young.  They fulfill needs for fantasy, excitement, etc., which can be experienced vicariously by everyone who loves to partake in the adventure of this delightful art form.

I don’t watch movies all day long, only when I have some time to spare for them.  But many great movies stay with me forever in my memory. Several of the films I mention here, I’ve seen several years ago.  But they were so enjoyable that sometimes they will come to mind, and I’ll enjoy thinking about them and the actors who were in them.  I find the realm of film a magical place of enrichment for my soul, since when I visit it, I can become other characters, visit fascinating lands, and partake in exciting adventures.

Personally, I enjoy both the old and the new films.  They each have something to offer.


    THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY with Charlton Heston as the great artist and Rex Harrison as the Pope Julius II. This 1965 movie is beautifully done and filmed on location.  It’s fascinating to see Michelangelo in the process of painting the Sistine Chapel, and all of the conflict and turmoil that went into the creation of this masterpiece.

    Van Gogh:

    LUST FOR LIFE – In this 1956 film, Kirk Douglas portrays the sensitive and troubled artist Vincent Van Gogh.  I feel it is one of Douglas’s greatest films.  He was a great choice for the part, since he even resembled Van Gogh.


    Charles Laughton beautifully portrays the famous artist Rembrandt van Rijn in this 1936 film.  He brings this unfortunate genius to life for us.  Today, this great artist’s original paintings command millions of dollars, but when he was alive, he could barely get enough money to buy food and art supplies.  It was so sad.  Laughton, who really resembles the artist in this old film, does a wonderful acting job.

    Beatrix Potter:

    MISS POTTER ~ 2006 ~ About the life of artist Beatrix Potter.  She is beloved for her children’s book animal stories and illustrations. This film was a great delight for me, since I am a great fan of Beatrix’s artwork.


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