A Night At The Movies With Artist Judy Mastrangelo: Take 1

Here is a sample from Judy’s latest interview:


This wonderful new interview series with Judy Mastrangelo is all about the movies. This is a seven part series… Let’s delve in!

Films have always inspired my life and my art, ever since I was young.  They fulfill needs for fantasy, excitement, etc., which can be experienced vicariously by everyone who loves to partake in the adventure of this delightful art form.

I don’t watch movies all day long, only when I have some time to spare for them.  But many great movies stay with me forever in my memory. Several of the films I mention here, I’ve seen several years ago.  But they were so enjoyable that sometimes they will come to mind, and I’ll enjoy thinking about them and the actors who were in them.  I find the realm of film a magical place of enrichment for my soul, since when I visit it, I can become other characters, visit fascinating lands, and partake in exciting adventures.

Personally, I enjoy both the old and the new films.  They each have something to offer.

Some of my favorite directors:


I feel Peter is one of the greatest living directors of Fantasy today, most notably, his movies based on the films written by Tolkien.  They all have fantastic and imaginative scenery, plus amazing and endearing fantasy characters: Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit.


Capra was a great director (winning 3 Oscars for Best Director, Producer and Writer), who created some of the most beloved films, including “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.”  His films had some very popular actors such as James Stewart and Gary Cooper. I find them all very heartwarming, and always a delight to watch.


Read the entire interview at

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