Painting With Words

Here is a sample of questions from Judy’s latest interview.

JUDY MASTRANGLEO - Version 3If a picture paints a thousand words then Judy Mastrangelo must have written tens of thousands of books. This interview is with a talented artist who has turned her attention to the book world. Her beautifully illustrated Children’s books have been well received and this interview should give you a taste of her talent... Let’s begin!

Good morning! Is it important for an artist to be creative, or can you be an artist without creativity? Good morning! I think it’s very important for an artist to be creative.  I really don’t know how an artist can help but be creative, since it is the very substance and nature of art.

Where do artists find their audience? Audiences can be found online of course, through social media such as Facebook, etc.  Various types of agents, such as Licensing and Public Relations agents, can help an artist enlarge their audiences.  And of course, you can develop an audience in your local community, through schools, art galleries, etc.

What would your biggest piece of advice be for a young artist? Find a genre of art that you really love, and then work very hard to develop your talent to be able to create that type of work.  It does take a lot of effort to do so, but if you really love it, you will experience tremendous joy in your artistic journey.

I, myself, am always learning and developing my artwork.  I feel that my painting is always in need of improvement.  I always find inspiration from the great artists of the past.  By looking at the work of these amazing masters, I am constantly awed by their masterpieces and am encouraged to then develop my own talent.

I’d also suggest that you endeavor to become friends with those in the artistic community of the type of art you enjoy.  Some of these people might be newcomers to that field, too; and you can share stories of your trials and tribulations.  And you also might be lucky enough to communicate with successful artists in that genre, whose work you greatly admire.  Sometimes these well-known artists might have some time to be in communication with their fans and to give them encouragement and advice.

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