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Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo Set to Be Interviewed by Popular Herbalist Susun Weed

Popular artist and author Judy Mastrangelo breaks into new creative markets and will be interviewed by Susun Weed.
LEICESTER, U.K.May 9, 2016PRLog — It was announced earlier this week that artist and author Judy Mastrangelo would be sitting down for a recorded interview with expert herbalist Susun Weed to discuss her recent artistic projects, and her creative philosophy.

The popular artist has already received great acclaim with her series of books entitled “PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE”, and her “BOOK OF ANGELS”.  Her poetry books entitled: “TIME FOR BED RYHMES”, “ROCK~A~BYE RHYMES”, and “POEMS FROM TOY LAND” have also received wonderful reviews. Judy Mastrangelo endeavored to have her work resemble the traditional artwork in an old fashioned story book. She spent a lot of research time discovering costumes that children would wear at the turn of the century so that they would be in keeping with that era. Her third book has been done in her acrylic on canvas style that most people are used to.  You can learn more about all of her books here:

Mastrangelo has also recently launched a new podcast series that has taken her art to a new online audience. Her podcast series centers on each of her artistic projects and discusses the creative process she went through with each one.

Judy Mastrangelo also announced that she has several exciting endeavors currently in the works, including a series of audiobooks that will be released through Amazon later this year.

Judy will be interviewed by Susun Weed on the 17 MAY, AT 9:00PM, USA EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. More details on all of these projects can be found by visiting Judy’s official website  or look at her “news page” , or by emailing her press office at

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