The Star

Judy’s new book entitled “THE STAR” has just come out in paperback.  It illustrates the famous immortal poem, which is also known as “TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”,  written by Jane Taylor.  Judy has illustrated the entire poem, which is very lovely, but not well known in this uncut longer version.  She uses the original title, “THE STAR”, which the Author used.

She has interpreted THE STAR poem in the following imaginative way with her illustrations:

A sweet little Girl, gazing upon an Evening Star, falls into a lovely Fantasy World.  Then she flies through the sky, reaching toward her Star, and experiences an exciting Dream-like adventure.   In this fantastic and beautiful world of twinkling Stars and luminescent evening clouds, she meets the friendly Man in the Moon, who introduces her to a darling little boy holding a candle of stars. This new friend is the personification of the Little Twinkle Star himself.  She also sees some adorable little Animals, playing in the fluffy evening clouds.  All of these Fantasy beings are guided by the glowing light of her Twinkling Star.

This book is the first of Judy’s series of “COME PLAY WITH ME” books.  These particular books tell a story that Judy has Illustrated.  They also contain several fun filled interactive activities to enjoy.  Some of these activities include:

⭐️Pages to color, from some of her art in the books.  Here you can add an individual interpretation of the artwork, by using your own color ideas and techniques.

⭐️There are also pages upon which you can draw your own pictures and even write an original story.

⭐️She has also included a delicious bed time Cookie recipe to make, that Little Twinkle’s Mother bakes for him.

⭐️And there are two pages where you can learn the easy steps of “How to Draw a Face”.

⭐️Also included are some delightful things to cut out, such as pretty Pictures from the book, and Cards and Decorations to cut out as gifts to decorate your home.

It is a “Fun for the Entire Family” book, that all can enjoy together.


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