Judy Mastrangelo has developed a wide range of beautifully illustrated books which can be purchase from Amazon.

Click a book for more details and interior samples.

Imagination Books

Imagination Books, a division of the ONCO publishing group, has launched a brand new initiative designed to bring two fantastic new product lines in front of the reading public. The “Joyful Art Coloring” range will be a selection of high quality greyscale coloring books, and the “Come Play With Me” range will be a series of story books with some delightful bonus features.

Judy has several Illustrated Books published now,  and soon to be published, by Imagination Books: 


Portal to the Land of Fae

Mystical Fairies Flower Fairies Secrets of the Fairies Fairytale Fairies PortalBoxSet

Nursery Rhyme Books

Rock A Bye Cover Time For Bed Cover Toyland Cover The Star2

Other Books

The Book of Angels Painting Fairies Bunny Book2

Here is an email that Judy recently received about her books:

“When I was five, my parents bought me a book by Judy Mastrangelo. I was in love with the artwork and felt myself transported to the fantastical lands through your creative paintings.  As I grew older I moved many times and consequently lost the book. I became very interested in art and am particularly fond of Pre-Raphaelite artists like Waterhouse and Rossetti. I have mourned the loss of the illustrated book for years but today all of that has changed.
I have just bought a used copy of your book with tears in my eyes. I am so thankful to be back in touch with your artwork. Thank you for greatly inspiring my acrylic paintings over the years and really lighting the first spark that ignited my passion and love of both fantasy and art.”
Stephanie Kay Saunders

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