Poems From Toy Land


Toyland CoverFor ages 2-8.

POEMS FROM TOY LAND is an Illustrated volume of favorite classical poems from well known authors such as Eugene Field, Joyce Kilmer, Robert Louis Stevenson, Christina Rossetti etc. This book showcases the beautiful, colorful, and imaginative art work by Judy Mastrangelo. It also includes some of her own original poems.

Available in kindle ebook.

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The Kindle version of “Poems From Toyland” also includes exclusive downloadable artwork that can only be accessed from the book.


“Having read all these poems they are varied as they are profound enhanced by wonderful illustrations, pictures and poems in a swirl of rainbow colours. I Loved this book. I would treasure this and other books by Judy Mastrangelo in hardback as a special gift to grandchildren.”


Images from this poetry book can also be purchased from:

Magic Murals


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