Painting, Writing, Creating: An Interview with the Very Talented Judy Mastrangelo

JUDY MASTRANGLEO - Version 3Artist and author Judy Mastrangelo recently announced that she will be moving her art into several new and exciting projects. These new products will be developed from her artwork, which is in her new Poetry Ebooks, recently published on Kindle. Judy has also been working on a brand new series of podcasts that have been received with warmth by her fans. You can check them out here.

This interview is with that talented artist who has turned her attention to create so many beautiful projects. Her wonderfully illustrated books have been well received, and this interview should give you a taste of her talent… Let’s begin, and learn more about the creative genius behind the books…

Why was it important for you be creative? What drove that ambition? It’s very easy for me to be creative. It just comes naturally. This is not exactly an ambition, it’s just the way I’m made. I’m creative in everything I do, including cooking, sewing, dance choreography, painting and writing. I enjoy doing many things, and creativity works hand in hand with my love of life.

How closely does your imagination follow the work you put on paper? I imagine a project in my “mind’s eye” first, in my initial conception of an art project. And so my imagination is a “guiding light” which is always with me in every step of developing a work, be it a painting, an illustrated book, etc.

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