Press Release

Exclusive Publishing Contract For Bestselling Author And Artist Judy Mastrangelo

Talented author and artist signs an exclusive contract that will see her back catalogue and new releases on sale through Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing.

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.Feb. 21, 2017PRLog — It was announced earlier this week that Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing, had agreed an exclusive contract with author and artist Judy Mastrangelo. This new contract will see her back catalogue, her audio books, and upcoming projects distributed through the company and will make her the latest addition to the Dusty Saddle Publishing family.

The conglomerate is already flourishing with new hits from perennials like Robert Hanlon, Bruce G. Bennett, Alex Cord and Cliff Roberts, which have turned the company into the highest performing Western publishing house of 2017.

Six new Judy Mastrangelo releases are in the works and could hit the market throughout the year. These would include a mix of children’s books, activity books, art books and audiobooks.

Judy Mastrangelo has also agreed to become a regular contributor to “Westerner” magazine—the Dusty Saddle Publishing quarterly publication. The first issue has moved over 11,000 copies. You can download your free copy here (

Imagination Books, a division of Dusty Saddle Publishing, also recently announced a video game project that could hit the market in 2017. This move would revolutionize the book industry.

You can learn more about Imagination Books, Dusty Saddle Publishing and Judy Mastrangelo by emailing their press office at You can also learn more about Judy Mastrangelo by visiting her website at


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